October 15th, 2018
The Armory - Portland, OR

Anjleena Dewan

Digital Marketing Leader, Various

Anjleena is a proven Digital Marketing leader who enjoys helping companies go through Digital Transformation. She thrives on Digital Innovation and building highly motivated teams for the orchestration of Demand Generation and Brand Awareness activities. Always thrilled to try the next big thing in Digital!

Art of Digital Conversations

Every interaction in a digital channel is a mini-conversation. Communication in general is tough, and when skillfully done takes body language into consideration and involves masterfully pivoting to higher or lower planes in response to engagement. Digital world is no different – in fact, tougher! Digital interactions are short bursts that don’t allow us to dive full on into storytelling. One has to pick up signals, recall history and have an engaging, meaningful conversation connecting the dots for the company’s overall storytelling. I will share some Conversion Optimization examples where we saw successes in connecting with our digital audiences.


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